Discmania - DGPT Pure Lines - Swirl S-Line FD – Disc Golf Pro Tour

Discmania - DGPT Pure Lines - Swirl S-Line FD

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"Pure Lines" captures the essence of precision and elegance in the world of disc golf. This artwork for the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) showcases a mesmerizing blend of smooth lines and well-defined shapes, symbolizing the grace and accuracy required in the sport. "Pure Lines" embodies the pursuit of excellence and the beauty found in mastering every curve and edge on the course, making it a captivating addition to the DGPT collection.

This particular Swirl FD is the first ever version produced in the Originals line with our factory in Sweden. With just a touch more stability versus our stock S-Line FD, the Show Stopper handles Ella’s torque while keeping the FD feel and glide we know and love.


Disc and foil colors may vary.