2024 Beaver State Fling - Zing Mini – Disc Golf Pro Tour

2024 Beaver State Fling - Zing Mini

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 2024 Beaver State Fling Commemorative Zing Snipe Mini.  

Celebrate the 2024 Beaver State Fling with this Oregon themed design crafted by Tony Diaz of Ripe Mind Designs. Each commemorative design for the 2024 event offers a unique perspective on the tournament's location, skillfully created by one of the finest artists in the disc golf community.

The Snipe is the “little brother” of the Aerofoil. It has the same top, but has a unique inner ring that makes this disc fly with quite a bit less effort. To date, this has been my top seller as it is widely accepted in the Disc Golf community and Mini Disc Golf aficionados  the #1 promotional mini for top events. The Microfoil fits nicely inside of this mini to make an air-tight container set. Thrown distance is 250+

Specifics: Disc Weight: 38 grams, 4.5″ diameter (will container With Micro)